Morgan Fallon

A Dynamic and unique teacher who embodies creativity and flow in everything she does, this yogi has been practicing for 15 years! She is very passionate about leading others to tap into their inner power and healing through movement and self-expression. Her journey began at the age of 13 at a local gym where she first learned about the physical postures in connection to the breath. It didn’t take long before she realized that yoga is so much more than a physical exercise and wanted to learn more. At the age of 18 she moved to southern California where she studied and explored many different types of yoga, under the umbrella of Hatha yoga (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin/Restorative), eventually being lead to Buti Yoga (Kundalini Yoga and tribal dance). Morgan is 200 HR RYT and Buti Yoga certified (advanced). She loves integrating music, mantra and playtime into her classes and believes yoga is a way of life and a beautiful foundation for over all well-being!

Ashley Moore

“I started out 10 years ago learning Buddhist principles from a local group of Soka Gakkai Buddhists. One of their goals was teaching individuals how to empower positive global change thru chanting and community. From there, it was just a matter of time before yoga found me. Just 3 years later, I began the study and practice of yoga (initially just for stress relief while going to college).

My love for the practice grew and eventually became more dedicated and sincere. The foundation of my practice combines physical postures with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. My classes integrate relaxation and promote healing thru the benefits of Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reiki and guided meditation. I strive to nurture an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal health and wellbeing. ”

Smile, Breathe, and go slowly.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Patty Cantwell

“I began my fitness journey in 1983. My son was 4, my daughter was 8. I began teaching Aerobics. Enjoying a career in the fitness industry throughout these years has been fun and challenging. Leading me into Yoga in 1998. Pilates in 1999. Completely transforming my entire world. I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I have certificates in YogaFit back care and hold a Certificate in Polestar Pilates. Constantly keeping up with certifications through the years. Thriving on training, seeing lives transformed. This has brought me gratification. I am blessed to live this dream. My work has taken me on many adventures, amazing destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Saint Martin, and Curacao. I enjoy teaching various forms of Yoga and Pilates.I own and operate a private training studio in Placerville, where I teach, train, and heal through the various resources I’ve learned on this journey of peace and wellness. The various gyms I teach at, bring joy and happiness to my life. I want to share this with all of you.”

Erica Brett

In 2009, Erica discovered yoga as a new way to exercise and move, but what she didn’t expect was for yoga to change her life in many positive ways. She started attending as many yoga classes as possible, even doing videos online until one day she just started creating and practicing flows that felt good in her body. It was then, in 2014, that she decided she wanted to learn more and enrolled in YogaFit Level 1 training. Still wanting more than a one weekend certification class, she enrolled in a 265 hour program in Sacramento, with a 65 hour Yoga Therapy component. From there, she started teaching at gyms and small studios. After learning she was pregnant with her second child in 2015, Erica decided to take a prenatal and postnatal teacher training to learn how to better serve that community. She went on to run a prenatal class for about a year.

The classes Erica teach are supportive, mindful and inclusive. She loves blending yang styles that challenge the student with yin styles that help students become contemplative and reflective.  Yoga is for EVERYbody and her aim is for each student attending her class to feel at home when they first walk in and even after they leave. Erica’s mission is to give her students the same gift she was given; to feel at home in both body, mind and spirit.


After certification in 2014 (225 R-HYT), Carla has gone on to share the teachings of a breath centered yoga practice. She believes the mind, body, soul and spirit connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured and inspired. She teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe, grace-filled environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body.
As she continues to be certified in various styles of teaching (Trauma Sensitive, Chair, 500 M-HYT) there is one consistent trend to each class ~Carla returns her students to the breath and intention as the pathway to surrender and begin to take the yoga off the mat. Plan to breathe, smile, have fun, and work on core strength in her classes.

Leilani Souza

Leilani Souza is from Honolulu, Hawaii and brings the aloha spirit to the mat, as an RYT200 certified yoga instructor. She teaches Sol Flow on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 and combines Vinyasa flow with a surprise theme (Iyengar alignment, Kundalini movement, inversions, arm balances, etc.) and ends in Yin/Restorative deep stretching and relaxation, sometimes with yoga nidra and/or guided meditation.

Leilani loves many different styles of yoga (aerial yoga, hot yoga, power vinyasa and even stand up paddleboard yoga) but especially loves how the traditional method of Ashtanga yoga. Restorative yoga is another favorite style that she loves to teach and practice, which is the Yin to the Yang qualities of Ashtanga. Besides yoga, she also incorporates Pilates and strength training in her workout schedule.

Off the mat, Leilani speaks fluent French, has traveled to 17 countries, invests in real estate, goes on motorcycle rides, loves a wide variety of food, fashion and music (Sia is her favorite artist to practice yoga to), eats peanut butter from the jar and treasures home life, snuggling with her husband and fur kid in their 50’s farmhouse.

Spirit animal: Friesian horse
Fantasy alter ego: Flamenco dancer
Favorite yoga pose: Fallen angel

Sara Junker

“Like many people I was drawn to Yoga as simply a new way to exercise. My mind was bored and my feet were tired of running in circles or up hills. I hated the gym and the mindless hours on the elliptical. I could never commit to consistency. The group fitness rooms always terrified me.(What if everyone was watching? What if I messed up? Will I have to talk to people?) Finally, after trying a few classes here and there in 2015, I found my home in January of 2016 and I never looked back. I tried all styles of yoga from Yin to Vinyasa.
I was moved to that magical yogic place of tears disguised as sweat during a vinyasa class and I knew I wanted to know more.

​I completed my 200 hour YTT Jonny Kest ciriculum at Lifetime Fitness in Roseville and I continue to attend workshops and trainings along with my daily practice.

​I will always be a student of yoga. Sharing my passion through teaching inspires my self esteem. Yoga has taught me humility, through this my relationships with family, friends, and strangers have deepened. Most importantly, through yoga, I have enhanced my life and relationship with myself.

I hope to invoke, awaken, or even frustrate someone just enough so that they may find their yoga too. It is so much more than poses (Asanas). Yoga speaks to our soul, our inner light, our inner voice, and asks ” what do you find when you look within for the answers?”

​Om Shanti – Sara

Jennifer Nannie, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHMT

As a hypnotherapist specializing in creative stress solutions, I’m honored to assist others in remembering who they truly are; that the inspiration, strength, peace and happiness they seek are within them. Just as yoga is a meditation, a practice that brings one to a sense of unity, connection and wholeness, so too is meditation a form of yoga, bringing body, mind and spirit into alignment. Combining meditation with yoga is a valuable practice for me. Over the last 8 years, my education and experience in Clinical Transformational Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology, has brought me the opportunity to guide and support others in creating lasting, positive, healthy changes in their lives, in private practice and work here and abroad at meditation and yoga retreats.  By tapping into the pure potential that lies within us all, meditation can help anchor, develop and strengthen the many positive benefits of your yoga practices. I’m very passionate to share with you and hold space for you to remember the beauty of who you are here and now, and all that you may be.

 Amy Zilkie

Amy began her yoga journey when she was 17 years old and her mother said she would love it and convinced her to give it a try. Amy does not like to admit this, but her mother was right. She fell in love. Fast forward 5 years, Amy graduated CSUS Sacramento with her degree in psychology and realized she wanted to further her education in a different direction. Teaching yoga. After her first training Amy knew this is what she wanted to do with her life. She began teaching right away and has not stopped since. Her classes are all about… You! To inspire you. To push you. To nurture you. Plus, she plays really good music.

Juli Blanco

Juli is a fine artist, art teacher and yoga teacher.   She has practiced yoga for several years, along with music & dance related exercises like Aerobics, Jazzercise, & Zumba.  These activities kept her body strong and were helpful in stress management during her life as a wife and mom of 3 kids, and part time college art student.  In 2014 she experienced major surgery and a broken wrist.  While having to slow down and recuperate, she increased her yoga practice and qi Gong.  These practices helped heal her body but most surprisingly they also created a profound difference in her mind and spirit overall.  She “woke up” to yoga’s mind-body-spirit connection.   Juli felt a new sense of purpose, more strength, energy and more joy! Old patterns of thinking and functioning were replaced by more effective and healthier patterns. Her love of yoga led her to complete a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training Certification and she is also certified in Yin Yoga.  She has been teaching Chair, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga in her community for over a year and assists Stacy Whittingham’s Yin classes at Leap in Folsom.  Juli has studied Yoga with Stacy Whittingham, Gena Foreman, James Kapicka and Krista Love. She continues to take workshops with people like Wah and Rolf Gates.   Juli is always happy to share her love of art and her passion for yoga with others.

Ashley Klemens

I have always been a seeker. I was born and raised in Northern California. I have faced tough challenges in my life, as many people do. I discovered Yoga in a time of my life where I was seeking healing, empowerment, balance, mental clarity, and strength. After taking my first Yoga class at a local studio, I learned that Yoga is a way of life, a practice of being mindful and intentional on and off the mat. I was eager to delve deeper into learning this life practice. Under the guidance of skillful teachers, a loving community, and the lens of my own devoted curiosity, my practice continues to unfold and evolve. I began to teach Yoga after becoming 200 hour certified through two respected, honorable teachers Gena Foreman and Stacy Whittingham. I have a strong passion for guiding people to their most authentic self, by tapping into their inner power and healing. I incorporate breath work with physical postures to create an uplifting, safe, graceful, and mindful practice. My flows are structured to bring a sense of creativity, dynamics in motion, strength, balance, and tranquility. I look forward to sharing my love, light, and practice with those who seek to learn and grow.

Rochelle Barcelona

Rochelle Barcellona discovered yoga and meditation after a serious injury that occurred in 2009 right after she graduated from culinary school. She didn’t see improvement in her injuries until she began practicing yoga, and then fell in love with the practice. Her practice not only improved her injury, but her entire life as well. While enjoying a successful career as a personal chef for six years, Rochelle felt a call to combine her culinary expertise with her love of yoga and meditation. This led her to The Chopra Center where she became a certified Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle instructor and now teaches the five-part Perfect Health seminar series in corporate and private settings, as well as counseling Ayurvedic clients.  Rochelle currently leads guided meditation classes at LEAP Yoga in Folsom, CA where she has been a part of the LEAP Yoga community since its opening in 2011. She is also a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher® through EMBODYOGA® and the Yoga Alliance. Rochelle’s personal goals are to help others live healthier and happier lives through the practices she has learned from Ayurveda. You may learn more at her website and you may reach her at or 916-353-5200.

Teri Lee

Teri has been a student of Vinyasa yoga for the last 14 years. She first began taking yoga classes at her local gym as an adjunct to her work outs. She started noticing brief moments of clarity and tremendous peace and became curious. Then, life threw some changes in her path and her yoga practice took a backseat. In 2011, a studio opened less than ½ mile from Teri’s house. Her husband of just one month suggested they check it out as one of his friends was going to teach there. Teri’s passion for yoga was reignited and her practice became a top priority in her life. She started reading books on yoga philosophy and attending workshops. In 2016, she completed a 200-hour RYTT with Stacy Whittingham and Gena Foreman and immediately began teaching. Teri has been an RN with Sutter Medical Center for 25 years and as she inches near retirement, she plans to dive into teaching yoga even more. Her philosophy at work and in yoga is “always a student”.  Teri hopes to inspire her students as much as she has been inspired by her teachers.

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