with James Kapicka & KristaLove Louise

$39 early registration/ $49 day of workshop

Join James and KristaLove for an exploration into individual range of motion, and learn to personalize yin postures with props and modifications for your unique body. This workshop will introduce the theory and practice of Yin yoga, Taoism, Chinese Medicine, modern meridian theory, and the energy body. You will practice yin yoga to personally apply the discussion, and leave with a greater awareness of breath and body mechanics to support a lifelong practice that can be applied to all forms of yoga.


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Compassion in Action ~ Assisting Yin Yoga

with James Kapicka & KristaLove Louise

$49 early registration/ $59 day of workshop

Do you want to expand your knowledge of assisting yoga and how to support others with your own body? Could you use a day to offer and receive compassion through the healing act of intentional contact and connection?

Experience the bliss of using your hands to serve others through conscious touch. This practice of presence and acceptance necessitates seeing and supporting the goodness in another, rather than trying to change or fix.

Join James and KristaLove for an immersion to explore how to safely and effectively assist yin poses, while maintaining personal body awareness. Participants will work collaboratively to give and receive while learning and discussing how different assists feel. This interactive workshop offers the opportunity to examine what makes a great assist. We will incorporate practices of Thai Yoga Massage and stimulate Chinese Meridians with pressure points to facilitate the flow of energy through the body.

Learn how to:
• Confidently and creatively assist yin yoga
• Approach students from an understanding of skeletal alignment and anatomical differences
• Recognize compression points and utilize tension to minimize compression
• Utilize gentle, open hearted touch like interacting with a beloved
• Bring awareness to tension to help relax and release
• Support and stay connected to the teacher

Deepen your relationship with energetic awareness through:
• Taoist breathing practices
• Presence and space holding to create a safe environment that cultivates trust
• Observational and intuitional body reading
• Safeguarding necessary personal boundaries with compassion

We will explore:
• Use of props and modifications
• Adjusting vs. Assisting
• When to check in, use verbal cues and demo
• Hands on connection exercises, assists, Thai Massage techniques and partner yin

No experience necessary we are here to support you on your journey.

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